Recommended root beers

Here's my recommended root beers that are available from online stores or UK shops. (It used to be a top 10 but since last year's ban there's not that many to offer)

6. Bundaberg Root Beer
This Aussie effort can be commonly found in Waitrose stores (in packs of 4) and unusually in some cornershops. Not really the traditional root beer taste but more like a liquorice drink.

5. A & W Root Beer
Despite the ban from the USA, there are some UK stores getting a Singapore version through. Have seen this in some Asian speciality foor markets and stores.

4. Square Root (London) Root Beer
Handmade, quirky flavours and a little expensive but worth a try. Available from Cyber Candy online and in shops for £2.70 a bottle.

3. Boylan's root beer
Available from American Sweets at £1.95 and some Tesco stores at £1.70

2. Abita root beer
Available from Shake Shack restaurant

Both great tasting and great value root beer with a distinct taste of maple syrup. Available direct from Soda Folk, and American Sweets online (cans and bottles available) plus Byron Burger restaurants.

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  1. I just found your site today...I didn't think anyone on this island liked root beer really! All I've ever seen was Carter's at Asda (owned by Walmart ofc) and American imports
    at stupid prices. I love root beer but don't want to pay more than 50p a can! Today at Sainsburys I found Tropical Sun American Style root beer for 35p a can. Again it has artificial sweeteners which it should not, but not only that but it's flavor is...ugh. More like Birch Beer if you've ever had that! Anyway, hello from this American and keep up the good fight!


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