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Friday, 21 February 2014

Support the 'Set Root Beer free in the UK' campaign

Sign the petition for Set Root Beer free in the UK

Another frustrated UK root beer fan like me has taken the brave step to create an online petition aimed at the British supermarkets and ask them to stop ignoring those with different tastes.

The flag bearer for this campaign is Lloyd Kinsley, a design creative who has passionately proclaimed his anger at supermarkets for their ignorance. It is my duty to promote this and would like to quote him here on this blog:

UK Supermarkets
There is a soft drinks party going on in your aisles and someone is not being invited. In a time of choice and variety it seems only fair that you should stock a beverage that is freely available in all United States supermarkets and restaurant chains. It appears that if you ask around Root Beer seems to have a 'Love It or Hate It' response from the masses. That appears to have done no damage to your sales of Marmite. Please consider stocking Root Beer in your supermarkets. One of you is surely brave enough.

[Your name] 

And he's got a point! I hate Marmite but I wouldn't want to deprive those from getting their yeasty fix. Apart from Asda offering the second rate Carters root beer and Waitrose with Bundaberg's liquorice-tasting 'root beer' there is only the likes cola, Red Bull, lemonade and fizzy fruit drinks.

If all this doesn't motivate you to simply just sign up and generate (just) 100 signatures then we're all doomed to pay over-priced imported root beers and put up with a poor choice of soft drinks forever.

Go on, you know it makes sense!