Where to buy Root Beer

Anyone still moaning that McDonald's stopped selling root beer years ago should consider ordering online or there are a number of American sweet shops on some high streets that stock mass-produced root beer brands like A & W. There are also some restaurants, supermarkets and independents out there that can help your root beer addiction. It can be an expensive taste due to the products being imported from the USA. Below I will continue to list any root beer stockists by retail category (at the moment the majority are based in Brighton, my hometown):

Department Stores

Independent shops

  • Cyber Candy (in Birmingham, Brighton, Camden, Covent Garden, Islington and Shoreditch)
  • Hardys Sweetshop (in London: Covent Garden, St. Pauls and Greenwich; outside London: Bath, Cambridge, Canterbury, Oxford and Windsor) - only A&W stocked
  • Sugar Rush Sweets (in Banbury and Carterton, Oxfordshire) - stocking A&W, Barqs, MUG and IBC

Online specialists



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  1. just asked my local Tesco store in south Tottenham whether they stock it...keeping fingers crossed


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